Engage customers when and where they need you

Tango helps your customers reach you through virtual rich messaging experiences on Google Search, Google Maps, website chatbots, and other digital platforms.

Chatbots for Goverment

Be there the moment your customers start searching on Google

With Tango, customers can engage directly with your business on Google through our automated smart communication platform and Business Messages.

Why use a Smart Communication Solution?

As a Google Business Messages partner, we bring rich, asynchronous messaging experiences to your customers through an A.I. conversational channel via Google Search on mobile browsers, Google Maps, website chatbots and other digital platforms.

Engage Customers Anytime

Meet millions of customers in their moment of need, in the channel of their choice.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Improve response times with digital agents and increase customer satisfaction while reducing costs through automation.

Drive Sales and Upsell

Drive business value with richer, more engaging experiences directly on Google Search and Google Maps.

Conversational A.I.

Our technology uses conversational A.I. to understand user requests and provide accurate answers from your company.

Integrate With Ease

Manage and update your content securely on existing systems. Our smart communication technology integrates with any website, database, scheduling tool, and more.

Mobile Communications

Engage with people in rual or low bandwith areas. Our application does not require wi-fi or fast bandwidth for usage and can be accessed through mobile devices.

See how smart communication tools drive real-world business results.

Research shows that Brands are using smart communication technology in response to the global pandemic. The ablity to communicate with customers fast and seamlessly will foster strong, long-lasting relationships.

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See how Tango is helping the North Carolina Court System

Brand Case Studies

Learn how major brands are using Business Messages to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and grow their bottom line.

DISH Network

Business Messages reduces average handle times 28% for DISH.

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Business Messages drives 85% CSAT scores for Levi Strauss.

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Business Messages improves TEDi pre-sales product support and customer service across 1,800 stores.

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Facts & Questions

Have a question? Read through our FAQ below. If you can't find an answer,
please email us, we're here to help.

Yes. Tango is a decoupled architecture communication service. Our technology does not use a database for conversations, content, messages or users. Our system collects this information in real-time from applications/endpoints determined by our Brand partners. This allows our technology to adhere to your existing security standards, compliance and policies. Furthermore, all messages and responses sent between users and Tango are encrypted between users' devices and our system.

Starting a conversation with a Tango Brand Partner is as simple as googling the partner’s location on a mobile browser or in Google Maps.

Tango messages work on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Conversational AI is a framework that allows artificial intelligence technologies (like chatbots) to interact with people in a human-like way.

Tango is an integration partner with Google’s Business Messages. Business Messages is a mobile conversational channel that combines entry points on Google Maps, Search, and brand websites to create rich, asynchronous messaging experiences that delight customers and drive business results.

To use Tango, a login is not required. However, depending on the mobile device or entry point, users may be asked to login to their Google account before using.

No. Tango does not collect or share personal identifying information (PII).

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Drive sales, customer loyalty and satisfaction through assistive experiences and rich features. Improve your response time, offer 24x7 support and save money with Tango's Smart Communications.

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